'cause you make me feel BRE@TH//LESS

I mostly post fan art of series I'm currently enjoying, along with the occasional text piece. Sometimes, I even write reviews about things. Or else I might post random photos of me attempting to cosplay.


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  • It’s finally raining! Yay!

    (Forgets to bring umbrella.)

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    Hiroyuki Sawano,
    Aldnoah.Zero Original Soundtrack

    Share me your madness that you keep in
    Show that you’re scared like me
    Thus we are teens
    Wash my hands of that for this?
    Sell myself for this hopeless loop

    May I have seen your face somewhere sometime?
    You freeze my blood and spine
    So freak me out
    Like a look in a mirror
    Face my Doppelgänger
    How ‘bout you? Aren’t you?

    *Beware of attentions, entourages and mates
    You are what you do
    Depress your mentions, ain’t got to be a bighead
    You are what you fool

    **Right now
    Burn your soul, neck or nothing
    Burn it out ’til you’re losing your reason
    Forget the stone reason to drive it
    Just to scribe your existence
    Not a crime, your insistence
    Die another day
    So do I
    Burn my soul all to nothing
    Burn it out, let me charge in your advance
    I’m watching for the chance to beat it
    Even though my body’s shaking
    I’ll give it all, deadly bumping
    Cuz you make me feel

    Share me your sadness that you keep in
    Know that you’re played around
    Thus we are green
    Kind of harsh misfortune ran
    So-called Yin and Yang among us

    Are you really serious to save her right now?
    Get ready to give your life, willing or not
    Have the real foresight a few
    Unwanted déjâ vu
    All ‘bout you, warn you

    Repeat *
    Repeat ** x 2

    Hmm, finally starting to smell/feel like fall around here~ (I even got a mini pumpkin for my apartment!)

    But no pumpkin-spice lattes or pumpkin anything really, please; I actually really dislike that flavor profile.

    Despite the fact that each year I look at pumpkin pie and think, ‘man, that looks really delicious!’, each year I remind myself just why I don’t like pumpkin pie.


    Fanfreakingtastic. And don’t worry about not replying sooner. I forgot you said you were up pretty much all night.

    I’ll probably just wait till this comes out on DVD then instead of buying the other version. Since your saying this new one is much better and to be honest, Rin is my favorite character in this anime.

    I’m eventually gonna start it on crunchyroll too. Just need to catch up on everything else first.

    And I’ll probably look into that movie later down the road. Haven’t heard anything about it.

    Well, personally I haven’t watched the original Studio DEEN adaptation myself but my friends who are big Type-Moon fans watched it and said it wasn’t great; not to mention, you’d be hard-pressed to find a smoother animation studio than ufotable. I mean, THOSE BATTLE SCENES MAN—

    Also for me I loved fate/zero so even if Gen Urobuchi isn’t returning as the writer, I still love all the connections you can draw between the two series.


    so basically I have to buy the original unlimited blade works and this new one when it comes out to have all of them released so far. Dammit.

    Seconding this; sorry, I just woke up like an hour ago ^^;; But yeah, this is a completely new adaptation by ufotable’s internal team. 

    The DVD you saw was the movie adaptation of the original visual novel released in 2010 by Studio DEEN.

    The series airing right now is a re-telling of Rin Tohsaka’s route from fate/stay night. So yeah, I guess if you want all the fate stuff you’ll have to buy both. But to be honest, I’ve heard from others that DEEN’s adaptation has nothing on ufotable’s though.

    Plus, given that ufotable did fate/zero, there will be closer ties and easter eggs tying the two together.

    And to make things even more confusing, ufotable is also going to produce a movie based on fate/stay night’s ‘Heaven’s Feel” route, aka Sakura Matoi’s route. That’s coming out some time next year.



    PSYCHO-PASS!!!!!!!! This is no doubt from the second season that’s airing right now—

    —YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH THE FIRST SEASON I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT—written by none other than Gen Urobuchi. It’s really, really good.


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    Actually why am I even surprised at this point.

    (via perihcheesecake)

    Fuck this.

    Fuck that.