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I mostly post fan art of series I'm currently enjoying, along with the occasional text piece. Sometimes, I even write reviews about things. Or else I might post random photos of me attempting to cosplay.


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  • Was going though a bunch of my old anime stuff and I found these and thought of you chrollolololol; the left is a set of 32 cels (I think) or at least high-quality prints from the original anime/OVA, and the right is a postcard collection. Both feature illustrations from the original anime done by Studio Pierrot, waaay back in the day when my sister went through this HxH phase (I didn’t, I just went along with it b/c sure why not :p) They’re in Chinese b/c we bought them in Taiwan.

    Subsequently ended up digging out the original anime theme songs and then I remembered how good 90s anime songs are. Especially the really old ones, like Yu Yu Hakusho. Yeah, that was my favorite Togashi-sensei work…

    Especially since all the YYH songs sound like they should be wearing 80’s punk outfits complete with headbanging.


    {— ☾ ♘ ☽ —} 

                  —; So… for the first time in a very long time, work was actually tolerable and enjoyable because of the customers. Two in particular, who are somewhat regulars to my store… but… TLDR; I was able to have a conversation with a kid in middle school, and a man whom I haven’t seen in several months who spent an hour talking to me about his new born daughter who is now nine months.

    I don’t know— it just, it made me really happy. It wasn’t the obnoxious feeling when you just want the customer to go away… but maybe it’s because these two were normals, and I knew their face.

    I asked the kid how he was doing in school, and where his mother was today and how lucky she must have felt not being the one to take him to pick up a game. I talked to the guy that he has nothing to fear until age two with his daughter— that’s where the parenting of a female will truly pick up.

    Iuno.. it just made me feel genuinely happy.

    Now I’m going to spend the rest of the night doing frilly gay friendship bracelets for my online friends, and probably just focus on Break’s roleplay for the night. I’ll save Adam for tomorrow, that way my mood can completely focus on his predicament; and Cheshire… mm, maybe I’ll give her a poke.

    Who knows. I just really, really wanna play with my Hatter and make shitty excuses of bracelets for the rest of the night. And listen to loud, happy music.


    Yeah, no matter how shitty the world seems at times, there are moments that make you realize, we humans are a pretty decent species. Kinda reminds me of talking to my boss ^^;; we’re super chill and he’s really easy to talk to, and it’s scary just how much on the same wavelength we are about a lot of things and how we think about life in general.

    I shall hopefully be posting some super-smutty AdamxSio later tonight so maybe that might give you some insight into Sio’s mind…fufufufufufu…

    P.S. I also figured out what happened with GitHub. Luckily the TA walked me through it so hopefully I’ll actually understand the backend next time.

    *insert heavy breathing here*

    I’ve almost forgotten how much I love Attack on Titan as well…

    perihcheesecake replied to your post:Oh my god. I think I just fucking overwrote my…

    …Oh. :< RIP~ -Patpat-

    Yup. Checked the master branch and the re-opened my branch in the terminal—

    —all gone. All. Fucking. Gone. Except for the css files…for some odd reason those stayed. I’m not sure why.

    …Either I shouldn’t have pulled it down without backing up my files, or something—hell, I’m still a total noob when it comes to using github so I probably messed up a command somewhere, especially since I was using my terminal to live-edit the file rather than using a standard text editor.

    I need to download something like Sublime…

    …The only good thing is that the TA was really understanding and I won’t get penalized for turning it in late. Whatever. I’m kinda too tired to care at this point; I’ll just work with her tomorrow and figure out what the fuck happened.

    Seriously, github is like…I know all my dev friends love it, but I swear to god, it is confusing as fuck for someone like me. Especially when you mix in command line/terminal commands to access it.

    tl;dr: always make a backup copy of your files kids.

    Oh my god.

    I think I just fucking overwrote my entire homework HTML…

    fuck you github.

    Great. Now I have less than an hour to redo everything.

    Well geeze, how am I supposed to concentrate on homework now after that episode of Free!

    …and here I thought the show couldn’t get any gayer.

    Just kidding. It’s awesome. It was so great. Such emotion. KyoAni, I don’t know what you did but it’s working. 

    Can’t un-see Gandhi and Jack arguing/getting into a fistfight. Though they don’t sound too much alike though. Seriously this show is like watching a seriously alternate dimension of Mahesh and Adam if they were normal people and they had a personality swap.



    Why I am so Broke Series #1 - Anime - Total Value: 3,275$

    Oh lord, I sound horrible in this, but here is the first video!

    You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to, but if you wanna see what I have then here you go. I tend to ramble too so sorry for that.

    …All right fine, goddamn girl, I will concede that your anime collection certainly exceeds mine by like…a lot. I used to buy DVDs but not anymore, since I realized, I rarely re-watch series and nowadays with Crunchyroll it’s much more convenient for me. I’m curious to see how much manga you own, however…and I think only my friend beats me in terms of figurine collecting, hehe.

    I will say though, I’m glad somebody else besides me was/is a fervent fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! especially the dubbed version. That was my life, man. In fact it is one of the only series that I have watched both dubbed and subbed. So literally I watched GX like, twice—once in English and once in Japanese. It took fucking forever.

    Also the YGO series you’re thinking of is ‘5Ds’, followed by ‘ZEXAL’ (which I was really really into) and now they’re on ‘Arc V’. Not sure when it’ll be dubbed though since in America we’re still going through ZEXAL.

    I should make a quick one of just what I have in my apartment…most of my anime is at home but I have random anime shit lying around here as well :p

    I am about to spend the next 3 hours stuck in a hot, windowless room with 200+ undergraduates.

    God help me.

    Finished ‘to the beginning’ storyline over on my RP account, so I’m in the process of putting it up on fanfiction.net as well. It’s just kind of slower because I literally have to manually copy-paste the chapters over and then re-format them.

    While they are organized into arcs originally on Tumblr, I think the best way to experience the story is to read it in the chronological order that it was written in, because by going back and forth between the past and present, you get a different sense of how the situation is and I feel it’s more…impactful when the events that are referenced/hinted at in the ‘present’ chapters are revealed in detail in the ‘past’ chapters.

    350 plays
    Hiroyuki Sawano,
    Aldnoah.Zero OST

    One guess what my show this season is.

    Got over it ages ago
    Where we were from the same river
    Thinking about how we lost our minds
    I don’t care what’s in the past
    They don’t care about old trouble
    Many wars wherever you go
    Somebody please!
    Call we stop all the fights?
    I’ll do it because it’s my turn

    *Take a step back
    Please face up to reality YES!
    You don’t hear me No!
    You can change that if you want
    But don’t you know?
    There are people crying everyday
    Let’s fly away
    For Earth and Mars today!

    **Don’t stop me now
    Look around the world
    How can we stop the war?
    Hello. But Are we sure enough?
    You’ll come back tomorrow
    But I need to know that
    Look around the world
    So What are we fighting for?
    Can I ask you?
    Why the sky is blue?
    There’s no difference 
    You and me

    Repeat * & **

    Coz It’s time to wake you up!
    Over there my friend now
    Come on take my hand
    Take it now
    See, Far away
    See the dawn
    It’s time to grow
    Over there my friend
    Here we are
    Come on! Just share this perfect sky
    See the dawn

    Hold me now
    Catch my hopes
    Feel me now
    In your arms