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I mostly post fan art of series I'm currently enjoying, along with the occasional text piece. Sometimes, I even write reviews about things. Or else I might post random photos of me attempting to cosplay.


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  • Ah, the following pieces are pretty suggestive…but only the second one really falls into true NSFW territory?

    I originally wanted to submit something for Fanart Friday on CR last week, but somehow the piece started getting more and more suggestive and by the time Friday rolled around, not only had I not finished it but I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be very appropriate ^^;;

    Ahh I don’t know…there’s just something very alluring about the idea of Nobunagun being so overprotective of Sio and wanting to ‘take’ her everything, sexuality included…but in her mind, she’s doing it because nobody else can be more important than her in Sio’s life. So, she is only okay with the idea of Sio being with somebody else, by the virtue that she will always be ‘the first’, be the closest by being her literal ‘other half’.

    It’s pretty twisted now that I think about it, even as far as twincest goes…

    Warning! The following piece does contain full-on nudity.

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    I am a fast typist too.

    0: Height 5’5”
    1: Virgin? :|
    2: Shoe size 6-7 depending on the shoe/brand
    3: Do you smoke? no
    4: Do you drink? I do enjoy a good night out with my friends once in a while, but I rarely get ‘drunk’ drunk; I’ve never blacked out or forgotten incidents
    5: Do you take drugs? no
    6: Age you get mistaken for high schooler/undergrad; all the damn time and don’t even get me started on constantly being carded in bars
    7: Have tattoos? no
    8: Want any tattoos? maybe? But that’s a bit of a commitment 
    9: Got any piercings? used to have pierced ears but they got infected so I let them close up
    10: Want any piercings? I would like to; kinda debating about getting an industrial piercing (that’s where you get a bar going through the top of your ear)
    11: Best friend? my twinny =3=
    12: Relationship status single/not exactly looking
    13: Biggest turn ons I…don’t know? Being derpy/funny I do like
    14: Biggest turn offs if you smoke, I will instantly judge you
    15: Favorite movie that’s way too hard; but probably A Bug’s Life
    16: I’ll love you if you can stand listening to me blabbing about random crap and being honest as fuck, which often leads to awkward turtle situations
    17: Someone you miss my sister whenever she’s not in the immediate vicinity
    18: Most traumatic experience uh…idk…I guess if you want to count the time where my grandfather suddenly had a heart attack the day we were going to leave for our annual 4th of July vacation, and then passed away the day after. It’s not so much it was traumatizing as it was shocking, and certainly the days that followed were horrible without me even having to go into detail.
    19: A fact about your personality I am honest to a fault; also quite serious
    20: What I hate most about myself how negative; how about, something I want to improve? Getting better at expressing myself to people I don’t know well yet
    21: What I love most about myself I have a steel-trap memory
    22: What I want to be when I get older I guess I can’t put ‘e-gene holder’ here huh *j/k* I’d probably die
    23: My relationship with my sibling(s) there is nothing quite like having a twin, that’s all I’ll say ;p she is my best friend and sister and quite literally, soul mate
    24: My relationship with my parent(s) I would consider it better than most, not to sound arrogant; at least, compared with many of my peers, I still go home very regularly and though it is smothering at times, I now appreciate just how hard they worked to make sure I never wanted anything growing up, and instilled a good sense of discipline in me. Although now, I am starting to (finally) want my own independence, I will continue to support them when they get older as they supported me when I was growing up. Tl;dr: I love them and am grateful that I turned out all right, despite the many obstacles I went through, but I think everybody has that growing up. 
    25: My idea of a perfect date video games? Or coffee.
    26: My biggest pet peeves smoking, coming on strongly (I hate it when guys automatically try to ‘be friends’ with me—please, if I’m going to like you, I’ll know it without you even trying)
    27: A description of the girl/boy I like nobody at the moment (unless you count my muse fantasizing about a certain silver-haired asshole)
    28: A description of the person I dislike the most people I dislike usually don’t stick around for long
    29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend probably for a surprise…I am a terrible liar
    30: What I hate the most about work/school when lecture gets boring and you know you should be taking notes but instead you’re browsing Tumblr
    31: What your last text message says "I think it’ll work fine" I just made a skirt for my sister because she wants to cosplay Rin Tohsaka for Halloween
    32: What words upset me the most being told the same thing multiple times in a row…yes, I know I need to drive slower, please don’t tell me that ten times in the span of half an hour…
    33: What words make me feel the best about myself wat
    34: What I find attractive in women ??? That depends so much from person to person…but I will say personally I don’t see the fuss about big boobs at all
    35: What I find attractive in men uh…nice skin? Yes I’m shallow like that
    36: Where I would like to live luckily I already live here
    37: One of my insecurities that despite me being honest, people still find me annoying/obnoxious/dislike me in some manner but I am unaware of it
    38: My childhood career choice believe it or not, a voice actor! But my parents shot me down pretty quick…
    39: My favorite ice cream flavor ALL THE FLAVORS—no just kidding, but dark chocolate is one of my go-tos
    40: Who I wish I could be actually I like myself pretty well. I don’t really want to be anybody else. 
    41: Where I want to be right now home
    42: The last thing I ate a guavasteen which is pretty common around here and so I just go around raiding my neighbor’s yards. It’s not like they ever eat them.
    43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately Adam Muirhead—I’M SORRY PERIH PLEASE FORGIVE ME ;A;
    44: A random fact about anything my elbows are double-jointed. Which leads to some pretty disturbing looks when I crack them >:D in fact, my ex-boyfriend once said he’d pay me to stop the habit. Needless to say it didn’t really work.

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    Finished watching episode “1” (which is technically the second) of ‘fate/stay night [unlimited blade works]’ and I just—

    FUCKIN’ KIRITSUGU I SWEAR THAT MAN—I don’t care if he just appears as flashbacks or whatnot, but I literally got the chills when I recalled those sequences in ‘fate/zero’ BECAUSE AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH—

    Honestly looking back, aside from Saber he is hands down one of my favorite characters. Not just in this series but out of all the anime I’ve ever watched, he ranks right up there as one of the most memorable, complex persons. There’s a reason why I pulled a lot of inspiration from his trials in order to craft ‘to the beginning’ into the tragedy it is.

    Anyway, if you’re not watching this series yet, then you should stop reading this and go watch it RIGHT NOW. Plus ufotable knows how to animate shit, so you can bet your ass it’s gonna look gorgeous the entire ride. As a bonus, you should also watch ‘fate/zero’ if you haven’t already, because it will make fate/stay night all the better.

    …Getting some really strong urges to pick up on ‘to the beginning’ or at least add some more…because uuuuuugggghhhhh *insert flailing here*

    …but I did say I had at least two more ideas to flesh out…maybe I’ll start with the immediate aftermath in London…as soon as I can…flesh it out…oh who am I kidding it’s mostly plotted out in my head already, I just need to pick one course and stick with it.



    See I have Aldnoah.Zero, but Parasyte I’m iffy on, mainly because I’m not one for the horror style anime(Which is what I assume it is), but I don’t even know what its about aside from gifs here on tumblr.

    Well admittedly Parasyte is pretty high on the gore/gross factor, and it doesn’t seem like Madhouse is gonna pull any punches so I guess if you’re not huge on that it might be hard to watch.

    I will say though, I do have the manga and I enjoyed it greatly, so it’s up to you.

    I would not really categorize it as pure horror, it is actually pretty funny at times, but just a good, realistic anime with a surprising amount of human drama and a bit of philosophical/ethics pondering. It’s definitely action packed, just since the parasites themselves can be pretty disgusting it is sort of horror-esque in that manner.

    I don’t wanna give too much away about Parasyte, but tl;dr: alien parasites have slowly started invading Earth, and Shinichi is a rare example of a ‘failed’ attempt for the parasite to control the brain, which is why he ends up being able to communicate with it instead, now that it lives in his right hand and basically it’s about them learning to co-operate while surviving against other parasites who want to kill them.

    Forgot that I added this into my queue as well, and just finished the first episode—

    —IT’S FUCKING AMAZING. Granted, I went into this having already read all the manga (and I own most of the volumes), so I was slightly worried about how well this new remake/adaptation would work, especially since the manga’s nearly 20 years old at this point.

    But boy, Madhouse does not disappoint. Not only have the character designs been updated for a more modern look (but they still mostly resemble their manga counterparts, with the exception of Shinichi), but the animation is really gorgeous, with a realistic color pallet and fluid movement. I also loved how they really emphasize small details like the use of smartphones and tablets nowadays, to give us a real sense that this isn’t back in the 90s, but right now. Those little touches I really appreciated.

    Of course, it’s gonna be a gory ride—after all, these aliens are mostly interested in humans as a food source, so you can bet there’ll be exploding head/jaw monsters with teeth and other stuff that certainly counts as nightmare-fuel. The writing is smart and fast paced, and it’s great at how realistically Shinichi attempts to deal with this—he’s sorta resigned to having his right hand taken over, but at the same time, of course he’s gonna panic when they run into another of these monsters. Nobunaga Shimazaki (Gandhi/Mahesh!) is our lead, and he does an excellent job as usual, however I was most impressed with Aya Hirano as Migi, the alien. I didn’t know she took creature roles, but she’s certainly very talented, and it shows.

    Music has some interesting dub-step, and the OP/ED are fitting; although I already know what’s going to happen, I am still eagerly looking forward to the next episodes because trust me, this story is only going to get better, and it looks like Madhouse knows what they’re doing in order to pull it off.

    perihcheesecake said: I absolutely love the little stickys on your PC. XD But— your background, did you do that edit yourself? I don’t think I’ve come across that image — Sio, yeah?

    :X it’s actually this gorgeous piece—and since it happens to be very large I thought it’d make a nice wallpaper ^^;;

    I have a slight feeling it’s a bit spoiler-y in terms of plot…I’m not positive though, as the artist’s comments only contain lyrics from the opening song (respect for the dead man), but I think it’s a definite foreshadowing to Sio’s drastic ‘change’ so to speak, when Asao goes MIA. Not sure if the multiple guns signal a change in her abilities or anything but it’d be really cool if that did happen…!

    Can we get a mode-change Nobunagun as well?

    I am totally being productive. Drawing on the left, video lecture on the right.

    Multi-tasking, bitches.

    Guess what, it’s that time of year again! The Fall 2014 anime season is now beginning in earnest, and of course that means more new shows to add to my queue! Not all of them have started airing yet, but currently have watched and in my queue are:

    Karen Senki

    Um, this show is an odd pick-up; it’s by the creator of “Sakura Wars”, Ohji Hiroi, and to be honest I’m only watching it because I met the guy at AWA and he’s pretty cool. As for the show though…eehh, well, at least it’s kind of short; only 11 minutes per episode. The CG animation is nice, if you like RWBY it’s pretty much like a smoother, more kinetic version of it, however the story is incredibly fast and I don’t really know what’s going on.

    All you need to know is that in the near future, robots are repressing humanity and the titular Karen is out to fight back. You don’t really need to know much more, since the show hardly sits still long enough to give us much background or make us care anyway, but at least the action’s nice. The plot’s definitely overused and frankly all over the place so far, but the execution is what troubles me—mindless action is fine and all, but if I don’t start caring about the characters after a few more episodes, it might be a hard sell to keep going.


    I was really looking forward to this show, given that it’s basically Attack on Titan but on Mars with giant nasty space cockroaches, however…it does fall flat. Not so much of the obvious censoring during extreme violence/gore parts, but just so far it’s super disjointed and confusing. I heard that the anime starts in the middle of the manga, so of course they’re trying to condense the backstory in as much as they can, but overall it doesn’t work very well so far. Like, there’s a bunch of stuff that I have to either infer or I just don’t get—so they just have surgery and get powers? Why was our MC chosen anyway? Since when did Sheila start liking Komachi? It just makes for some very awkward viewing when I don’t know what/why stuff happens. And of course, the obvious censoring is painfully obvious; like, I’d rather they just have edited that scene out entirely or just toned it down for the TV version, instead we get scenes that are clearly supposed to have something happening but all I see is a black blur. There are better/more creative ways to indicate what’s happening without actually showing it, people!

    I will still be watching it, however all I’m really going to care about is when they finally get to Mars and start fighting gross cockroach people.

    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

    Now this is more like it—having just finished fate/zero last season, I’m all set to go for UFOTABLE’s remake/take on the original VN, fate/stay night (unlimited blade works route aka Rin’s route), and boy it does not disappoint. Although neither Ei Aoki nor Gen Urobuchi are returning, I have faith in UFOTABLE’s internal team; plus the original VN had a pretty damn good story already. I can’t say how enticing it is for those of you who either haven’t watched fate/zero or played the original VN, but it is gorgeous—fluid animation during fight scenes and beautiful character designs make this a very attractive series. 

    I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of Rin Tohsaka—mainly because I tend to dislike tsundere characters, but it’s compounded by the fact that Rin seems to have two sides—the genuine nice side and then the ‘w-w-well I wasn’t doing that for you!’ tsun face. She switches between the two with little to no transition and it’s rather unrealistic to me; I’d rather if she was going to be a tsundere to just act as such most of the time, instead of almost this schizo-switch. Archer however, is totally boss and is probably going to be my favorite character next to Saber. I hope Saber still gets plenty of screen time despite this being Rin’s route and not Emiya’s.

    P.S. For all you Nobunagun fans, Newton/Jess Beckham’s VA, Yuu Asakawa, returns in one of her most iconic roles as the Rider-class servant in this Grail War! I can’t wait to meet her…

    Still continuing on is Majin Bone, which I’m kind of regretting starting but I’ve invested so far into it I might as well continue at this point (though I have a feeling it’s a year-long show). Sailor Moon Crystal as well, since it’s only being released every two weeks. I’m still waiting for Orenchi no Furo Jijo to start, because it involves mermaids and Zakky and Tattusn and it’s a five-minute short. I’m disappointed that I can’t watch PSYCHO-PASS season 2 on CR, but I probably will eventually…even though Gen Urobuchi is actually not returning as the writer so I’m not sure how it’ll hold up to the first season…


    {M} Crunch beneath my feet, the breeze as gentle as it is bright~ Fall is finally here.

    Commence the era of long sleeve coziness.

    Oh, how I wish that were true for me too…but alas, we’re having a heat wave :|

    Don’t get me wrong, I like heat waves since I like it hot, but this combined with no rain = not good for our drought situation.

    So aside from a bajillion commissions I got during AWA, I also made some more terrible life decisions, including the adorable herp-a-derp Miku plushies (BECAUSE HOW CAN YOU RESIST PUCHIDEVIL’S DESIGNS) and so much vertical-inc manga that Ed gave me an awesome tote bag.

    I literally borrowed the first three volumes of Knights of Sidonia from a friend, was intrigued after that, started reading the rest of the volumes at the Vertical booth and then I was like “fuck it, I’ll just take all the volumes”.

    But no, it’s a really, really excellent series and Ed and Vertical in general are just great. Can’t wait for vol 12…the wait is gonna kill me.

    Although I missed HachioujiP and ZANIO’s official autograph session, I managed to catch them wandering the dealer’s hall and they were super chill about signing stuff! I forgot the poster but I remembered the CD!

    Overall I had a good time and everyone was very friendly. Maybe I’ll go again next year, we’ll see!