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I mostly post fan art of series I'm currently enjoying, along with the occasional text piece. Sometimes, I even write reviews about things. Or else I might post random photos of me attempting to cosplay.


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    One of my co-workers came by and said “you drew that? It’s pretty cool” so I decided that Crashbug X needed some more friends.

    I would’ve included Super Crashbug but then he would’ve taken up the rest of my whiteboard space. (And I actually need it for work)

    P.S. To readers of my fic and viewers of my art…don’t fret, I haven’t forgotten about either one—in fact, ch 3 of Insignificant Schoolyard Scuffles is currently being written, and I’ve got a few new sketches in my art queue as well…please bear with me! >.<

    Apparently, none of my co-workers are duelists…