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    Okay not the whole thing, it was just to get the entire Extended Cut DLC additions. Apparently, your best bet is to restart the Chronos Station mission (TIM’s base) if you want to see all the little minute changes they made, although tbh it’s a lot faster to restart from the Priority: Earth mission. Took forever getting through, but I finally got to see the different scenes and honestly, I commend Bioware for making an effort to explain more and overall I was pretty satisfied/it was what I expected.

    Still doesn’t make up for me having to sacrifice everything though. :/ (Either I live or EDI and the Geth die. How lovely.)

    Longer rant coming soon…

    So Mass Effect 3’s supposed “extended cut ending” will be available tomorrow…I’m not sure what to think, except I fear that I will be disappointed. Or rage-y. Or both.

    I hate to say this, since Mass Effect is one of the greatest video game trilogies I’ve ever played, but after that ending, I seriously wanted to take my xbox and hurl it out the second story window. I mean, REALLY?! Would it really be that difficult to ask for a happy ending—FOR ONCE? 

    …Somehow, I don’t think this DLC is going to change my mind about running through a second playthrough.