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    That moment when you have to get up at 7:30am for a conference call…and when you’re finally done it’s too late to go back to get any semblance of sleep…

    …by that I mean web page overlays. As in the popup displays.

    (I secretly geek out every time that happens though)

    From home. During the weekend. And I no longer get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off


    • me: Oh sir knight, would you find the time to accompany me on a glorious quest during this upcoming luncheon hour? We will be heading to a faraway land, home to many pinks and frills; but I am sure you could aquire some victuals along the way there (or back)
    • friend: How could I turn down the request of a fair maiden? Onward!
    • me: It has been decided, then--12 o'clock noon, we will be journeying to 15 Kearny Street
    • friend: Be there fire breathing dragons that I must fend off?
    • me: Hopefully no; but we will most likely encounter princesses at the castle
    • --------------------------------------
    • me: Have you any quests you are undertaking around the hour of noon today?
    • friend: Have Lunch with Princess of Crunchy Castle & Princette of Talk Nation: Progress 0/2
    • me: Add Lady of Kabam Fun-and-Games 0/1
    • --------------------------------------
    • bonus (this happened after I got my friend coffee and caught him when I was going back in just as he was going out): I will consider this offering of Caffeine to be a downpayment on your investment for future divine providence of the Computer Deity; suffice to say, I will look upon future relations between our parties with greater favor, and rest assured your investment will vest great returns
    • <co-worker1> Uggg what's wrong with our internet?
    • <me> being dumb
    • <co-worker2> what wrong w/ the internet is people streaming music and video on the 192 network.
    • *****some time later******
    • <co-worker2> are things better now? we sent (tech guy) over to yell at some people.
    • <me> i think so?
    • <co-worker1> Yeah my stream seems to work better now
    • <co-worker2> okies.
    • *****even more time later******
    • <co-worker1> Can you send (tech guy) back over to yell at them again
    • Changed names so my co-workers won't kill me. And yes, we use chat to communicate in the office. IRC CHAT.

    Soo, I haven’t quite been working for a month yet, but I’ve learned a lot about big city public transit in a very short amount of time. Hoo boy.

    I commute up every morning via the commuter train, and then I can either walk to my office (with my friend) or I can take the metro. On the way back, I also have the same options (only in reverse order). Theoretically, it should go something like this:

    1. Morning train commute = 40min

    2. Getting from train station to office

    • walking = ~25min
    • metro = 15min

    3. Reverse for getting back home

    HOWEVER, when you rely on a system that is horrendously overused and under-supported, shit happens, as it usually does. It’s pretty much gotten to the point where I expect delays; if there are none, I consider it a miracle. So on average, a day ends up closer to this:

    1. Morning train commute = 15+ min delay waiting for the train + usual 40min

    2. Getting from train station to office

    • take the metro, outbound delays due to malfunction on the line ahead, wait 10+ minutes literally FIVE FEET from the station, get to the office later than my friend who walked

    3. Decide to walk back to train station for some air; miscalculate length of route and time needed, run the last 3.5 blocks (VERY large blocks) to the train station with less than 8 minutes to spare (and if I miss the express I have to wait half an hour for the next one, which makes more stops)

    Granted, I’ve never encountered all three conditions in one day (so far—god forbid), but yeah, I can definitely say that commuting to a full-time job is an…interesting experience, to say the least.

    Public transit, if you want us to take you more often, Y U NO BETTER?!?!